Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy

Tokyo Chuo Auction offers the finest Chinese paintings and calligraphy consigned by international collectors. Our specialists are highly acknowledged as connoisseurs and that is the reason why collectors entrust them with the most valuable works of art. In 2017 Hong Kong Autumn Sales, Wang Meng’s “Consonance between Pines and Spring” of Yuan Dynasty (Lot 334) clinched a deal with HK$ 169,120,000. The tranquil and arcadian hanging scroll broke auction record and became the most expensive ancient painting per square feet at that time. Tokyo Chuo Auction holds Chinese paintings and calligraphy auctions twice a year in Tokyo and Hong Kong respectively.

Chinese Antiques and Works of Art

Tokyo Chuo Auction holds auctions of Chinese Antiques and Works of Art, consisting Chinese works of art, calligraphy, furniture, jadeite, etc, twice a year in Tokyo and Hong Kong respectively. In 2018 Autumn Sales, a magnificent and rare yellow and green enamelled vase, Seal Mark and Period of Yongzheng (Lot 1252) was sold for HK$ 44,800,000, becoming one of the most prominent Chinese ceramics in the Autumn Sales.

Japanese and Chinese Tea wares

Tokyo Chuo Auction offers exceptional Japanese and Chinese tea wares that are most sought after by international collectors. We also organize tea gatherings from time to time to promote tea culture. The sales of tea wares take place twice a year in Hong Kong and Tokyo respectively.

Chinese Tea and Antique Pu-er Tea

In celebration of Tokyo Chuo Auction Hong Kong’s 5th anniversary in 2018, we transcended “Ichigo Ichie – the Art of Tea Ceremony” and introduced the innovative “Ichigo Ichie – Important Collection of Rare and Vintage Pu-er Tea”. After several rounds of fervent bidding, “a Tong of Century-Old Blue Ticket Songping Pu-er Tea Cakes, Early 1920s” (Lot 1128) fetched HK$ 13,328,000. In other words, each gram cost over HK$ 5,000. It broke the tea auction record and turned out to be the most expensive blue ticket songping pu-er tea cakes.

Fine and Rare Whisky, Wine and Moutai

Tokyo Chuo Auction firstly introduced “Fine and Rare Whisky, Wine and Moutai” in 2019, featuring Scottish and Japanese Whisky as well as Moutai which is a renowned Chinese liquor. In 2019 Hong Kong Autumn Sales, the Macallan in Lalique Six Pillars Collection (Lot 1154) clinched a deal with HK$ 4,657,500, which was one of the highest transactions made in Hong Kong Autumn Sales. Tokyo Chuo Auction holds “Fine and Rare Whisky, Wine and Moutai” twice a year.

Contemporary Art

Tokyo Chuo Auction firstly introduced “Contemporary Art – Arts In Life” in 2019, showcasing masterpieces of celebrated contemporary artists, eg, Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, Yoshitomo Nara, KAWS, Jeff Koons, Banksy, Daniel Arsham, etc. What’s more, luxury goods are also auctioned, such as leather goods of Hermès and Louis Vuitton. Tokyo Chuo Auction holds “Contemporary Art – Arts In Life” twice a year in Tokyo and Hong Kong respectively.